Our Chew on It campaign shows how chewing Twizzlers helps you focus and think through any questions that come your way—literal food for thought.

And there are some questions that deserve to be chewed on more than others: “What is the meaning of life?”, “How did we end up here?”, “What is the missing link?”—but there’s one question more enigmatic than all: “Are Twizzlers still Twizzlers without their twists?”

So we created the world’s most existential candy, Izzlers?, delicious twist-free Twizzlers.
Even the name has a question mark in it.

Unfortunately we had to cancel our launch activation due to COVID-19, but Reddit had some theories.

They even made a cameo appearance on Hulu’s Your Attention Please S02E04.

My role was Associate Creative Director and Design Director.

Initial team
CCO Neil Heymann
GCD Brandon Pierce
Sr. CW Dan Litzow
AD Castro Desroches
CW Evan Barkoff
CW Caroline Ekrem

Lauch team
Sr. CW Dan Litzow
ECD Ray Del Salvio
CD Ryan Raab

Bonus Trivia: My nine year old son came up with the name.

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