A few highlights from Kleinmania, my personal work. These are mostly for fun, but I occasionaly sell some pieces.
Contact kleinmania@gmail.com for purchase inquiries and commisions.

Get off our Lawn T-shirt, in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and the PDX Dad Pod who brought leaf blowers to resist the tear gassing of peaceful protesters in Portland.

100% of the profits were donated to the ACLU & Don't Shoot Portland.

Maskhole series. First posted May 2020, based on observed mask usage (or lack of) in Brooklyn. The word “maskhole” entered New Yorker’s Lexicon For A Pandemic two and half month’s later, in mid July.

The Patriot Mask, nightmarish design for Americans who believe that wearing a mask somehow violates their liberties.

Live Laugh Love poster and T-shirt, perfected for the eternal dumpster fire that is 2020. 

Curb Des Garçons embroidered sweatshirt.
Larry David x CDG Play (unofficial).

Garlicknot framed print for Vinnies Pizzeria on Bedford Ave.
A little gift for a local favorite.

Personal “IRL Airdrop” business card.

Virtual Reality can show you worlds beyond your imagination, but there’s one thing it can’t show you. You.

See Me in VR AR filters allow Instagram users to see themselves immersed in virtual reality. There’s also a Google Cardboard version, if you prefer something lighter.

Embroidered hat, a variation on the world’s most popular (pre pandemic) all-agency email.

Thoughleader long sleeve T-shirt. Thrasher sent a cease and desist.

Lawyer T-shirt. Evidently it worked becasue Slayer sent a cease and desist.

Got ‘Em! cards. These were a big hit at my kids’ elementary school.

Larry David and JB Smoove minimal illustration. Retweeted by JB Smoove.

Chris Allick and I created an algorithm that can generate your DJ name with 100% accuracy.
Visit Real DJ Name Generator to find yours!

Every creative knows the horror of "just have fun with it!", so for the month of February 2016 (a leap year) I made a poster a day featuring those five dreaded words. Turns out I had fun!

Lost Wormhole poster. Originally shot in Ultimo, Sydney, it blew up on tumblr with over 50k notes, then reddit, boingboing, Laughing Squid, was licensed to The Imaginary Foundation as a T shirt and ended up at number 8 in Buzzfeed's 15 Most Important Things Ever Found On A Bulletin Board.

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