Coors Pure organic beer launch campaign.

Since it’s a light, organic beer, with only 92 calories, Coors Pure is about as close to healthy as a beer can get, so we’re celebrating that proximity and the people who try to live a healthy-ish life. Oh, and the talking beer can is Ali Wong.

And on April 7th 2021, which was coincidentally World Health Day and National Beer Day we hosted a literal BEER RUN in Central Park NYC, where we sent out professional runners with giant QR codes on their backs. Anyone fast enough or close enough to scan the code scored a 12 pack of Coors Pure.

ECD: Karen Short
GCD: Tara Lawall
ACD Copy: Bernardo González
ACD Art: (Me)
CW: Danielle Gasbarro
AD: Jasper Yu

Droga5 Producer: Roger Morán
Directed by Jeff Low

Beer Run producer: Teia Meigneux
Production Company: Oz Tech

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