Creative concept, art and design direction for Covergirl Times Square store launch campaign.

With the opening their first flagship store, customers could finally interact with Covergirl’s products in real life (IRL), which is coincidentally the last three letters of their brand name.

For the campaign, we were able to feature the popular acronym and bring it to life in a way that visually represented the vibrance and chaotic energy of Times Square, combined with Covergirl’s iconic black and white color scheme, interspersed with beauty, product shots and real iridescent foil for our printed out of home and bus executions.

This was the first project in my new role as a hybrid Associate Creative Director/Design Director at Droga5.

Designer Justin Au
ACD Art Director/Design Director This guy
ACD Copywriter Henry Kember
Copywriter Emily Berger
Art Director Debbie Pan
Executive Creative Directors Karen Short  & Casey Rand
Producer Jake Herman
Project Manager Tessa Muchura

Times Square shot by Paul McGeiver

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