Design direction at Droga5 for Pizza Hut Pie Tops II sneakers, in colaboration with Shoe Surgeon.

Based on the success of Pizza Hut’s 2016 March Madness Pie Tops, sneakers that ordered pizza with the push of a button, we added a second button on the other tongue, to pause live television, so you didn’t miss the game when your pizza arrives.

Inspired by early 90s high tops, this second iteration was created in two color ways, red and wheat (because pizza crust), featured an " Extreme Marinara splash", cheese grater mesh panels and included an extra pair of “cheese pull” shoelaces.

Project deliverables included branding, a shoe box that mimics Pizza Hut’s pizza box, custom inner soles, a shoe bag, an eight page instructional hangtag booklet and, of course, screen design/animation for the mobile ordering app.

Less than two hundred pairs were made and sold out instantly on Hypebeast, some making their way onto ebay for ridiculous prices and Tabasko Sweet made a Cheap Thrills D.I.Y video.

Photography by Paul McGeiver and Shoe Surgeon
Full credits here

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